Billing FAQs:Frequently Asked Questions of Billing and Invoice.


  • Billing Questions:When will I be billed?

    Billing Questions Answer: Please understand in the case you need any of the available services, then you will be billed by the service which you choose. Or,

     In the case you do not know which service you should choose, with an evaluation of your condition, we could help you to choose the related services for your specific condition, then the related service will be billed. Or,

     When will I be billed? In the case after an evaluation, herbalist knows that your condition is very complicated (or very serious), could Not help you with a reliable regime, only could help you with a syndrome differentiation, then a price only for syndrome differentiation service will be billed (which means No available related regime could be offered.).

  • Billing Questions:In what condition I will Not be billed?

    Billing Questions Answer: Please understand in the case you do not know which service you should choose, with an evaluation of your condition, and we are sure all the services available could Not help you even a little, then no service will be billed to you.

  • Billing Questions:How could I receive my invoice?

    Billing Questions Answer: Please understand that your bill of consulting service (your invoice) will be sent by email.

     Question of Invoice Email Normally our client will receive an invoice email in 1 working days, once we are sure could help you. The only exception is for consulting orders placed while we are in public vacation.

     In a rare case our client did not receive the copy of invoice timely, you may contact and the relevant invoice will be sent once more!

  • Billing Questions:What service name will appear on my invoice?

    Billing Questions Answer: The service name on your invoice, will be:
      In the case, you need a specific consulting services, the service name on the billed invoice will be: consult service fee.

     service name Or, you need more than one specific consulting services, the service name on the billed invoice will be: consult service fee.

      Or, you need a combination of consulting services, the service name on the billed invoice will be: consult services fee.

  • Billing Questions:Will I be subscribed to a service automatically?

    Billing Questions Answer: No! Each time our client needs a consulting service, will need to pay the invoice on own agreement and self-effort.

      FAQs Icon subscribe question Please understand that we never subscribed to our client with a consulting service automatically, even if you use a PayPal service. We hold the trusts from clients with discretion, to avoid any possible misunderstandings, not recommend an automatic subscription to any clients.

  • Billing Questions:When do I need to pay my invoice?

    Billing Questions Answer: Please understand that you can pay your invoice, around the date you are ready for an appointed consulting. Shop side will not try to send you an invoice overdue notice, invoice not paid after the valid date will turn invalid (expired) itself automatically.

     FAQs Icon pay my bill In the rare case you were planning to go on with the consulting service, but forgot it before the valid date, you may contact, an invoice with a new valid date will be sent once more for convenience!

  • Billing Questions:What payment methods are available?

    Billing Questions Answer: Available payment methods are introduced:

     Bank WiringBank Wiring(1).Bank Wire: normally there are extra charges for intermediary bank financial service if use a bank wire service, the client is recommended better to use a Full-amount-remittance Service if available.

     West Union Transfer(2).West Union: it enables people to send and receive payment fast, reliably through their locations in 200+ countries & territories, the rate is better than bank wire, No extra charges.

     Paypal(3).PayPal: payment processed quickly. We never see your personal financial data. PayPal balance payments accepted. It also supports PayPal checkout via credit card, so you can use your credit card via PayPal too! Its PayPal standard rate (4.4% + $0.30) fee is declared at: rate is better than bank for small amounts, for an example: an invoice amount $50.00, PayPal rate is calculated as:50×4.4%+$0.30 = 2.2+0.30 =2.5, the payer side sends amount 52.50, PayPal receives financial service fee, the shop side receives the invoice amount 50.00.

     Xoom(4).Xoom: Xoom is a member of the PayPal family(the Xoom website is: declared "Transfer money online securely and easily with Xoom and save on money transfer fees. Wire money to a bank account in minutes, or pick up cash at thousands of locations." It has 3 available paying method (bank account, credit card, debit card), the transaction fee is different for different paying method, its rate is similar to or better than PayPal and more conveniences(Xoom rate).

     Other candidate payment methods are in testing, will be updated once we tested and sure they could guarantee our clients with safety, efficiency, and better rate, the candidate payment methods in testing are: (1). TransferWise.

  • Billing Questions:What currencies are accepted at present?

    Billing Questions Answer: Currencies are majorly accepted for order payment: USD(US Dollar), Pls understand the listed price is basically in US$, related price in other currencies could be updated with a timely exchange rate.
     FAQs Icon currencies Other currencies are accepted for order payment: CHF(Swiss Franc), HKD(Hong Kong Dollar), DKK(Danish Krone), AUD(Australian Dollar), EURO(European Euro), Thai Baht, etc.

  • Billing Questions:How long does it take to process a payment?

    Billing Questions Answer: The time for financial agencies to process a payment are different, the estimated time:
     (1).Bank Wiring: 2~5 working days.
     (2).West Union: 1~2 working days.
     FAQs Icon process a payment(3).PayPal: about several minutes.
     (4).Xoom: similar as bank wiring.
     Client side will get a timely update and notification if there is any difference between the amount arrived and the invoice amount.

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