After Ordering FAQs:Frequently Asked Questions of After Ordering


  • How long do I need to wait for a service email?

    FAQs Icon wait time Answer: Normally, you should receive a service email with your consulting service ordered in 1 working day, once its invoice paid successfully. Or, you may receive a service email with the service you ordered at the agreed time, once its invoice paid successfully.

     The exception is while we are in public vacation, and it will be sent the first time after the vacation.

  • Where could I find my service email?

    FAQs Icon service email Answer: You can find your consulting service email from our herbalist in your email address; Or

     In the case you were consulting for your friend or your relative person, it will be sent to the email address of your friend or your relative person which you provided.

  • Can I contact for other questions after service order?

    FAQs Icon other questions Answer: Yes, our clients in consulting service could contact for unaccomplished questions related to the consulting service. Or,

     Our clients in consulting service could also consult for questions already answered, if there are some understanding problems.

  • When should I contact for a follow up?

    FAQs Icon follow up Answer: Please understand that our clients in consulting service are advised to contact for a follow-up service at the end of the advised health-preserving period, normally there is a follow-up date provided; Or,

     Our client could feel free contact anytime if they think it is necessary to contact for a follow-up service too.

  • Where can I find a price for a follow up?

    Answer: The information for a follow-up price is also listed in detail on the service introduction page.

  • Can I get some help if met difficulties to understand certain concept or terms?

    FAQs Icon difficulties to understand Answer: Yes. Please understand that the meanings of concepts and terms from ancient TCM have some minor or big differences from other modern sciences. A brief explanation will be provided if he or she met certain difficulties to understand the concepts during the consulting procedure.

  • Can I get help directly from herbalist?

    FAQs Icon Herbalist Answer: Yes, our herbalist will help you during the consulting service: the service of consulting and follow up service consulting, are accepted, case recorded, evaluated, processed, and offered by herbalist himself, to guarantee our client gets a better help.

  • What is a regimen from the consulting service?

    What is a regimen from the consulting service? Answer: The regimen in the consulting service is the ways of health preservation helpful for your specific condition, it is what we offered to help clients and mainly composed of:

     » In all cases, it contains a brief introduction about your specific case or condition, its syndrome identification result and related pathogenic reasons we understand and identified in TCM;

    herb recipe » In most cases, it contains an herb recipe for your condition if necessary (sometimes known in other names, for an example: an alternative herbal remedy), you need to buy herbs according to it and prepare a decoction by yourself; sometimes it is an available patent formula of TCM and you can buy it from TCM shops; sometimes it is a food therapy recipe in the condition of a mild case and an herbal recipe is not necessary. Together with a guide to using this herb recipe (a decoction preparation method, a guide for administration, including recommended dosage, etc.), a patent formula normally has an administration guide by itself.

     » In some cases or conditions due to exogenous reasons, it contains related health care tips for your specific condition (recommendation, avoidance, life habits tips, etc.), if they are necessary to help you.

     » In some cases or conditions due to endogenous reasons, it contains relevant emotional adjusting tips (tips for adjusting seven emotions, i.e. joy, anger, sorrow, fear, love, hate, and desire.), if they are necessary to help you.

  • Where can I donwload a decoction preparation guide?

    Decoction Guide Answer: Our clients could download a decoction preparation guide (Decoction Guide) from our website directly with self-help, at:Application Sheet Download Page

    Or, if there is problem of downloading it from our website, our client may ask for help and herbalist would like to send it to you by email.

  • Does supply herbs or herb recipes?

    Does supply herbs or herb recipes? Answer: At present, we do not supply and not deliver any herbs.

    We advise our clients to buy herbs from a credible herb shop (TCM store, or online TCM shop, or other Herbal stores) whose address is near to your location. The herbal stores and shops are distributed worldwide nowadays, it is not hard for you to find one nearby. There will be a brief introduction to help our clients to find a credible herb shop with better herb quality.

    In most cases, the herbs in the recipe advised by herbalist are easy to find in a TCM store or shop, except TCM shop, also available from the other herbal store or shop. The herbs in the recipe are normally commonly used TCM herbs and not expensive, expensive herbs are normally not recommended except it is a necessary option.

  • Why I did not receive an answer to my questions last night?

     Answer: Thank you for asking this question! We do understand your anxiety.

     Please understand that herbalist handles all cases during working hours (8:00 AM ~ 5:30 PM, GMT +8 Timezone). This might for the reasons:

     (1).Due to the time zone difference, the local working hours might be time after midnight or dawn time in your area, so you did not receive an answer till last night, you can read more introduction about response time in our Service Level Agreement.

     (2).The consulting cases from clients are handled in the order marked by the sequence of date/time in which they are received, so it might for the reason that the case queued up before your case is not finished yet, your case will be handled as soon as possible once the anterior case is handled.
     Time Zone Difference 

     Please wait some hours with a little patience, your case will surely be handled in daily working hours, as soon as possible!

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