The benefits of Food Therapy:Foods that will lead to food poisoning if stored for long period.

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 foods that are prone to food poisoning Introduction: This article collected the foods that are prone to food poisoning after being put away for a long time in daily life and the methods to deal with food poisoning.

Foods that will lead to food poisoning if stored for long period:Don't eat!

 Black Fungus soaked too long ✵Black Fungus soaked too long: Black Fungus itself is a fungus, which can produce a variety of bacteria, including aflatoxin, after being soaked in water for too long. Food poisoning incident because eat soaked black fungus also happened frequently.

 Bitter nuts ✵Bitter nuts: Sometimes if you don't pay attention to the sunflower seeds, you will find a bitter one. At this time, you must spit it out quickly, because the bitter seeds are bad, and the bitter taste comes from aflatoxin. Never eat bitter nuts!

 Moldy starchy food ✵ Moldy starchy food: Foods such as peanuts and corn contain high levels of starch, which can deteriorate and become moldy if left for too long. Aflatoxin can be found in the moldy parts. Do not buy too much of these foods and avoid storing them in damp conditions.

 Spotted sweet potatoes ✵ Spotted sweet potatoes: As a result of black spot bacterium infection, after eating easy to be poisoned.

 Yellow tremella ✵ Yellow tremella: yellowing tremella is caused by contamination with flavobacterium, which can cause poisonings such as dizziness, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

 ✵ Unsalted pickles: if the salt is not enough in pickling, pickling time less than 8 days, may cause nitrite poisoning.

 ✵Fresh day lily: fresh day lily is very toxic, the dried flower is non-toxic. Fresh day lily contains colchicine, a toxin that can cause dry throat, burning stomach, hematuria and other symptoms of poisoning. Boil the day lily in the boiling water, and then soak in cold water for more than 2 hours, change water one time, the day lily is non-toxic after this preparation.

 Sprouted potatoes ✵ Sprouted potatoes: Sprouted potatoes contain high levels of solarine in their buds and greenish skins, making them susceptible to poisoning. Therefore, sprouted and green-skinned potatoes should not be eaten.

 ✵ Rotten cabbage: After eating rotting Chinese cabbage, can make a person anoxic and have a headache, giddy, disgusting, abdominal distension, serious cases lead to cramp, coma, even endanger life.

 Rootless bean sprouts ✵ Rootless bean sprouts: In the process of production, some manufacture of bean sprouts use herbicide to make the sprouts grow without roots. The herbicide contains carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenesis harmful substances.

 ✵ Fresh soybeans: some people eat fresh soybean will appear allergic hemolysis syndrome, fatigue, anemia, and other symptoms.

 Moldy tea ✵ Moldy tea: Moldy tea is the result of pollution by penicillium and aspergillus, if drinking moldy tea water, mild case lead to dizziness, diarrhea, serious case lead to necrosis of important viscus.

 Coloured laver ✵ Coloured laver: If the laver or seaweed soaked in cold water and looks blue-purple, it indicates that the seaweed has been contaminated by toxic substances before drying and packaging. This seaweed is harmful to human health and cannot be eaten.

 Fat bean sprouts ✵Fertilizer bean sprouts: The bean sprout that produced with fertilizer is white fat, among them, remain a lot of ammonia, with the action of the bacterium, can produce inferior nitrate ammonium, eat a lot such sprouts in great quantities will lead to dazzled, disgusting, vomiting.

 Rotting ginger ✵Rotting ginger: The rotting ginger produces a highly toxic substance called safrol. The toxin, even in small amounts, can cause liver cell poisoning and degeneration.

 Green tomatoes ✵ Green tomatoes: Green tomato contains toxic substance Solanine, eat this kind of green tomato that still not mature, astringent feeling, after eating can cause disgusting, vomiting and other symptoms of poisoning, more danger if eating raw.

 Unwashed chopsticks ✵ Unwashed chopsticks: there is a lot of residues on wooden chopsticks after eating, not washed chopsticks is very easy to moldy after a certain period, aflatoxin grow out. To avoid this kind of circumstance, after eating a meal, must use a clean tool such as dishwashing essence to wash chopsticks clean, put to a clean place to let air dry.

The most common foods that cause poisoning:

 The most common foods that cause poisoning ✵1. Bacterial food poisoning: spoiled fish, meat, milk, eggs and other products, leftovers, etc.

 ✵2. Fungal toxins and moldy food poisoning: eating moldy corn, sweet potato, and wheat with the scab.

 ✵3. Toxic animal and poisoning plant: such as poisonous puffer fish, shellfish, and toadstool(Amanita virosa), cassava, green beans(snap bean), fresh day lily and sprouted potatoes.

 ✵4. Chemical food poisoning: food contaminated with toxins such as arsenic, nitrites, or pesticides.

 most common foods that cause poisoning The causes of these toxic foods are also complicated. Mainly in food production, processing, storage, transportation, sales, due to the unreasonable equipment layout, technological process, health facilities are not perfect, the health care system is not sound, food workers suffering from a disease or not pay attention to hygiene, make the food contaminated by bacteria, such as salmonella, shigella, staphylococcus aureus, etc.

 Due to the storage conditions are not appropriate, unsanitary, such as sunflower seeds, peanuts, corn, rice, sugar cane, with the growth of toxic bacteria in high-temperature conditions, so that food has strong toxicity.

 foods poisoning Due to the pollution of livestock, poultry and veterinary diseases, the discharge of industrial "three wastes", pesticide pollution and abuse of food additives, many toxic chemicals, such as lead, arsenic, mercury and other heavy metals, organochlorine, organic pesticides, and others will contaminate the food.

  Food, under certain conditions with biological or physical-chemical changes, produce or increase the poisonous and harmful substances, such as oil and grease food, under the action of the microbes, enzymes, the air, sunlight, temperature, and other factors, will turn corruption, discoloration, deterioration.

  Therefore, measures should be taken to prevent the above possible production of toxins.

What to do about food poisoning:

 Replenish fluids Replenish fluids, especially cold boiled water or other clear liquids, and replenish electrolytes, such as potassium, sodium, and glucose, that have been lost through vomiting and diarrhea. Do not stop diarrhea first, let the body toxins discharged out before consulting a doctor or sent to the hospital for treatment.

 diarrhea of food poisoning Patients with severe abdominal pain should be given an appropriate amount of deodorants, such as belladonna mixture or belladonna tablets. If there are no signs of relief, even obvious water loss, cold limbs, abdominal pain, and diarrhea aggravation, extreme failure, pale face, great sweating, confusion, delirium or convulsion, even shock, should be immediately sent to the hospital for treatment, otherwise, there will be life risk.

 vomiting of food poisoning  It should be emphasized that vomiting and diarrhea are a manifestation of the body's defense function, which can eliminate a certain amount of enterotoxins released by pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, anti-diarrheal medicine, such as imotengins, should not be used immediately. The patient that has a high fever, toxemia, and mucous pus blood to defecate especially should avoid to use, to avoid aggravate toxic symptom.

 As a result of large amount fluid loss due to vomiting, diarrhea, will cause a variety of concurrent symptoms, directly threaten the life of patients. At this time, should drink a lot of water, can promote the discharging and elimination of pathogenic bacteria and enterotoxin it produced, reduce the symptoms of poisoning.


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