The benefits of Food Therapy:How to handle it when the fish thorn stuck in the throat?

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 This article provides a fishbone stuck in the throat solution. Introduction: The fish is delicious, but take care when you enjoy it, for there are fish thorns inside it. What if a fish bone gets stuck in your throat? This article provides a fish bone stuck in the throat solution.

What if a fishbone gets stuck in your throat?

 Delicious brown sauce Fish ✵Ask the person to open wide and use a flashlight to observe the size and position of the fish bone.

  If the fish bone is small, can drink a few mouths of vinegar, or take a smoked plum with a few granulated sugars in the mouth, make fish bone soft, eat steamed bread again, cake, make the fish bone swallowed with food.

  If the fish bone is small, you can drink a few mouths of vinegar

  If the fish bone is big, should see a doctor immediately to otolaryngology.

  When a fish bone stuck throat, do not panic, also can not use the method of swallow, trying to push down the fish bone. In this way, the thin and soft fish bone may be brought into the stomach by chance, but the big and hard fish bone may be deeper and deeper, and even pierce the esophagus or great blood vessel, causing serious consequences.

 ✵Emergency Handle:

  (1) Immediately press the front part of the tongue with a spoon or a toothbrush handle, and carefully examine the base of the tongue, tonsils, and the posterior wall of the pharynx under bright light. If possible, find foreign bodies, and then pick them out with tweezers or chopsticks. If the pharyngeal reflex is intense, disgusting acuteness and cooperate hard, let the person make breath, to reduce unwell.

  (2) if the fish bone cannot be found and the person still feels that the fish bone is stuck in the throat, the following methods can be used to soften the fish bone:

  (a).10 grams of radix clematidis, 3 smoked plum, a little vinegar, a little sugar, make a decoction, slowly swallow frequently.

  (b). Cut the orange peel into small pieces, slowly swallow.

  (c). Softening with vitamin C. Small fish bone stuck throat, can take vitamin C 2 tablets, slowly swallow, a few minutes later, the fish bone will be softened to eliminate.

  (3) if the above methods are still ineffective, or the sternal pain after swallowing, it indicates that the fish bone is in the esophagus, should stop take food and go to the hospital for a treatment as soon as possible.

 Delicious brown sauce Pomfret Fish ✵Cautions of Fish bone stuck in throat:

  1. Larger or deep fish bones, no matter how to make swallowing action, pain is not relieved, if there are no fish bones on both sides of the throat, you should go to the hospital for treatment.

  2. When the fish bone gets stuck in the throat, should not swallow large pieces of bread, cakes, and other food. Although sometimes this can be done to remove the fish bone, sometimes such improper treatment, not only did not remove the fish bone but make it deeply, inconvenient to remove, serious infection inflammation is more troublesome.

  3. If the fish bone still does not come off when you swallow some meal, do not do it yourself. Sometimes the bones are gone, but they still feel like thorns. So wait for observation, and if you still feel unwell, be sure to see a doctor at the hospital. This is also the most appropriate way to deal with a fish bone injury.

  4. It's not true that fish bones stick to the larynx. Most cases the fish bones are at the root of the tongue or the entrance of the throat.

The harm that fish bone stuck in throat.

 Delicious brown sauce Hairtail fish Fish bone stuck in the throat, in general, fish bone, bone residue, and fruit shell and other foreign bodies most easily penetrated parts mainly tonsil, tongue root, and other parts, jujube fruit kernel is easy to get stuck in the esophagus. Once stuck by a foreign body, the pharynx of the person can feel prickly painful or have foreign body feeling, the foreign body is bigger, swallowing is very difficult. If foreign body irritates the laryngeal mucosa, it will cause severe cough, and dyspnea due to reflex laryngeal spasm and foreign body obstruction, and may have varying degrees of wheezing, aphasia, laryngeal pain, etc. Most seriously, if the foreign body is large, and embedded in the glottis, it will soon cause death by suffocation.

  If you find a fish bone stuck in your throat, you can first try to press the front half of your tongue with a spoon or a toothbrush handle, and carefully observe the base of your tongue, tonsils and the posterior wall of your pharynx under bright light. If you can find the fish bone, you can use tweezers to pick it out. If the above methods do not work or swallow liquid food after increased pain, foreign body feeling is more obvious, should immediately go to the hospital for emergency treatment. Must not force big swallow vegetable, steamed bread, this will make thorn plunge into a deeper place, or stuck inside the esophagus, cause more serious consequence.

  If something else is stuck in your throat, one way is to try to spit it out; Or if the child case lowers his head and bends over, the child will lift his head down and lie on his stomach between the legs of the rescuer. The rescuer will slap the person with the palm for 4 times between the shoulder blades of the person. If the foreign body is still not discharged, the above action can be repeated. If necessary, the person should be sent to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.


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