TCM Herbalism:Medicinals and Classifications. ✵The TCM herbalism is also known as pharmaceutics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or Chinese pharmaceutics, is the branch of health science dealing with the preparation, dispensing, and proper utilization of Chinese herbs. It is majorly composed of Introduction of Chinese Medicinals, Classification of Chinese Herbs, Formulas, and Patent medicines.

Classifications of Herbs:Herbs Regulating blood conditions,Herbs Activating Blood and Resolving Stasis.

 TCM Herbs Icon10 Introduction: Herbs Activating Blood and Resolving Stasis: also known as blood-activating and stasis-resolving herbs, an agent or substance herbs that promotes blood flow and removes stagnant blood, also known as blood-activating and stasis-dispelling herbs, or blood-activating herbs and stasis-resolving herbs.

Classifications of Herbs.

 TCM Herbs Icon 10 Introduction: The Herbs Regulating blood conditions,Herbs Activating Blood and Resolving Stasis are known including:, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .

 ✵Till the date Oct 10th,2019, there are Totally [30] kinds of common TCM herbs, [53] kinds of related plant species, [5] kinds of related animal species, [6] kinds of related insect species, [1] kind of related mineral, are recorded in this category. These Herbs Regulating blood conditions,Herbs Activating Blood and Resolving Stasis are briefly introduced separately:


 Pyritum Brief Introduction: The Herb Pyritum is a brassy yellow mineral, iron disulphide, cube-like crystals, used for promoting the healing of fractures and relieving traumatic pain. The herb is commonly known as Pyritum, Pyrite, Zì Rán Tónɡ.

 ✵Official herbal classics and other famous herbal classics defined the herb Pyritum(Pyrite) as the common pyrite of natural iron sulfide. This commonly used mineral is introduced as:

 Common pyrite of natural iron sulfide: Equiaxed system. The crystal has various shapes, such as cube, octahedron and pentagonal dodecahedron and their polymorphic form, also have grape shape, granule shape, clock milk shape, and dense block shape. The crystal face is streaked. The color is light bronze. The stripes are brown-black or greenish-black. Strong metallic luster. The solution is an incomplete cube. The fracture is shapeless, sometimes shell-shaped. Hardness is 6~6.5. Specific gravity is 4.9~5.2. Quality is brittle.

 Distribution:It is widely distributed, and can be formed in a variety of geological conditions.

 Trait identification: Characters are usually a square shape, different sizes, 0.3~2 cm in diameter, flat surface, bright yellow, with a metallic luster, similar to brass block, sometimes brown surface. Quality hard, but easy to break, section bright yellow and white, metallic luster. Odorless, tasteless. The mineral color bright, qualitative weight, the surface is smooth, the section is white bright is better.


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