Introduction of Ban Xia:Pinellia Tuber or Rhizoma Pinelliae.

TCM Herbalism:Medicinals and Classifications. ✵The TCM herbalism is also known as pharmaceutics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or Chinese pharmaceutics, is the branch of health science dealing with the preparation, dispensing, and proper utilization of Chinese herbs. It is majorly composed of Introduction of Chinese Medicinals, Classification of Chinese Herbs, Formulas, and Patent medicines.

Classifications of Herbs:expectorants,herbs for resolving cold-phlegm.

 TCM Herbs Icon03 Introduction: Expectorants,herbs for resolving cold-phlegm: an agent or substance herbs warm in property, used in treating disorders of cold-phlegm or phlegm-dampness.

Classifications of Herbs.

 TCM Herbs Icon 03 Introduction: The expectorants, herbs for resolving cold-phlegm are known including:, , , , , , .

 ✵Till the date Oct 10th,2019, there are totally [7] kinds of common TCM herbs, [11] kinds of related plant species, are recorded in this category. These expectorants, herbs for resolving cold-phlegm are briefly introduced separately:

Rhizoma Pinelliae(Pinellia Tuber).

Pinellia ternata  Pin Yin Name: Bàn Xià.
 English Name: Pinellia Tuber.
 Latin Name: Rhizoma Pinelliae.
 Property and flavor: warm, pungent, toxic.

 Brief introduction: The herb Rhizoma Pinelliae is the dried tuber of Pinellia ternata(Thunb.) Breit.(family Araceae), used as (1).an expectorant for a cough with profuse thin phlegm, and (2).an antiemetic for nausea, vomiting and morning sickness.

 Botanical source: The herb Rhizoma Pinelliae(Pinellia Tuber) is the dried tuber of Pinellia ternata (Thunb.) Breit., it is a plant of Pinellia Ten. Genus, the Araceae Juss family of the Alismatales order. It is also known as Pinellia Tuber, Tuber of Pinellia or Bàn Xià.

 Pinellia ternata Thunb.Breit. Common official herbal classics and other famous herbal classics defined the herb Rhizoma Pinelliae(Pinellia Tuber) as the dried tuber of:(1). Pinellia ternata(Thunb.) Breit. This commonly used species is introduced as:

 (1).Pinellia ternata(Thunb.) Breit.:
 Botanical description: Perennial herbs, 15~30 cm tall. Tubers globose, 0.5~1.5 cm in diameter. 2~5 leaves, single leaves when young, triplicate after 2-3 years; Petiole up to 20 cm, near base medial and compound leaf base beaded; Leaf blade ovoid to narrow lanceolate, middle lobules larger, 5~8 cm long, the small impeller on both sides, light tip sharp, smooth on both sides, full line. Inflorescence car and leaf car nearly equal or more; Foyan bud roll synthesis curved tubular, green, upper inner surface is often deep purple; Inflorescence terminal; Female inflorescence axis appoints with Buddha bud, green, 6~7 cm long; Male inflorescence 2~6 cm long; Appendage long whip. Berry oval, greenish-white. Its flowering period is from May to July, fruiting in August. Seedlings appear 2~3 times a year in south China, flowers and fruits can still be seen from September to October.

 Pinellia ternata Thunb.Breit. Ecological environment: the plant grows wildly in damp grass or undergrowth on hillsides, streams. Resource distribution: The plant distributes in most areas of China.

 Growth characteristics: The plant grows wild on hillsides, in damp grass by streams, or under forests.

 Characters of herbs: the tubers are spherical, some pins are slanted, with a diameter of 0.8~1.5 cm. The surface is white or light yellow, the apex center has the hollow stem mark, the surrounding dense brown concave point shape root mark; The lower end is blunt, round and smooth. Quality solid, section white, rich pink. The herb which odor is slight, spicy taste, hemp fragrance and big size, solid quality, color white, powder is good.

 Pharmacological actions: ①.Antitussive effect: It has been proved that intravenous injection of Rhizoma Pinelliae water decoction has an antitussive effect on cough caused by electric stimulation of a superior laryngeal nerve in mildly anesthetized cats. ②.Antiemetic effect: The decoction of Rhizoma Pinelliae by gavage has been shown to inhibit the vomiting of dogs. ③.Anticancer effect: The dilute alcohol or water leach of Rhizoma Pinelliae has an obvious inhibitory effect on HCA of liver cancer in animal experimental tumor mice, mouse sarcoma S180 and Hela cells of cervical cancer.

 Medicinal efficacy: Indicated for cough and asthma with much phlegm, phlegm, and fluid retention, dizziness and palpitation, wind phlegm and dizziness, phlegm syncope headache(coma due to phlegm blocking of the respiratory system, and headache).

 Administration of Rhizoma Pinelliae(Bàn Xià): 
Reference: Administration Guide of Rhizoma Pinelliae(Bàn Xià)
TCM Books: Internally:3~9 grams(CP), or 1.5~3 qian(about 4.5~9 grams,DCTM), or 3~9 grams(CHMM), water decoction, big dosage could be 15~30 grams; grinded to fine powder and prepared to pills, powder.Externally:grinded into fine powder,apply stick with water.

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