Introduction of Man Shan Hong:Dahurian Rhododendron Leaf or Folium rhododendri Daurici.

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Classifications of Herbs:Antitussives Herbs.

 TCM Herbs Icon02 Introduction: Antitussives herbs: an agent or substance herbs that stops coughing.

Classifications of Herbs.

 TCM Herbs Icon 02 Introduction: The Antitussives Herbs are known including:,,,, , ,,,,,,, ,,,,.

Folium rhododendri Daurici(Dahurian Rhododendron Leaf).

Rhododendron dauricum Pin Yin Name: Mǎn Shān Hónɡ.
 English Name: Dahurian Rhododendron Leaf.
 Latin Name: Folium rhododendri Daurici.
 Property and flavor: warm, pungent, bitter.

 Brief introduction: The herb Folium rhododendri Daurici is the dried leaf of Rhododendron dauricum L.(Family Ericaceae), used as an antitussive and expectorant for acute and chronic bronchitis.

 Botanical source: The herb Folium rhododendri Daurici(Dahurian Rhododendron Leaf) is the dried leaf of Rhododendron dauricum L., it is a plant of Rhododendron L. genus, the Ericaceae family of the Ericales order. It is also known as Folium Rhododendri daurici, or Mǎn Shān Hónɡ.

 Rhododendron dauricum L. Common official herbal classics and other famous herbal classics defined the herb Folium rhododendri Daurici(Dahurian Rhododendron Leaf) as the dried leaf of:(1). Rhododendron dauricum L. This commonly used species is introduced as:

 (1).Rhododendron dauricum L.:
 Botanical description: Semievergreen shrubs, 1~2 meters high. The bark is pale grey. Much branched, branchlets are slender and curved, dark gray, scaly and pilose. Buds ovate scales broadly ovate. Leaves alternate; Petiole 2~5 mm long, slightly hairy; Leaf blade subleathery, set on the upper part of branchlets, elliptic or ovoid oblong, 1~7 cm long, 1~3 cm wide, apex obtuse, shortly acute, base cuneate, entire, dark green above, scattered white glandular scales, light green below, densely glandular scales. Winter rolled into a simple shape, knead after the aroma. Flowers 1~4 apical, first leaves open, pink or purplish-red; Sepals short, dividing, densely scaly outside; Corolla funnelform, ca. 1.8 cm long, 5-lobed, exsersely pilose; 10 stamens, corolla extended, filaments base pilose; Ovary 1, ovary wall densely with glandular scales, style longer than petals, persistent. Capsule oblong, ca. 1.2 cm long, apex dehiscent. It is flowering from May to June, fruiting from July to August.

 Rhododendron dauricum L. Ecological environment: The plant grows on mountain ridges, hillsides, and acid soils under forests. It mainly distributes in the north and other areas of China.

 Growth characteristics: The tree is adaptable, it is better to cultivate in acidic or neutral sandy loam or clay loam than in alkaline loam. The plant grows on mountain ridges, hillsides, and acidic soils in forests. The plant distributes in the north area and other areas of China.

 Characters of herbs: The leaf rolls back into the cylinder shape, some crumple and break. The complete leaf blade is oblong or obovate, 2~7.5 cm long, 1~3 cm wide, the apex is obtuse, the base is surrounded or broadly cuneate, whole edge, the upper surface is dark green to brown-green, scattered with light yellow glandular scales, the lower surface is gray-green, glandular scales are numerous, main veins protrude at the back surface, lateral veins 4~6 pair. Petiole length 3~10 mm. Nearly leathery. Smells aromatic and specific, slightly bitter taste, slightly pungent. The herb with the leaf of integrity, dark green color is preferred.

 Pharmacological actions: ①.Antitussive and antiasthmatic effects: rhododendrin is the main effective component of Folium rhododendri Daurici in the treatment of bronchitis. Among the single symptom efficacy, the expectorant effective rate is the highest, relieving cough effect is the second, and preventing asthma effect is poor. ②.Anti-inflammatory and bacteriostasic activity: the component Eucaulen and Guaiazulene contained in the herb have anti-inflammatory and uterine stimulant effects and can be used as anti-inflammatory agents. Rhododendrin has antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus, MIC25ug/ml. Eugenic acid and vanillic acid also have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects, and anisic acid also has antiseptic and antibacterial effects. ③.Antihypertensive effect and diuretic effect: grayanotoxin iv to anesthesia cat has an antihypertensive effect, avicularin has an antihypertensive effect in anesthetic dogs, but the duration is very short and easy to produce quick tolerance. Avicularin IV 0.5 mg/kg, with diuretic effect on anesthetized dogs, increased with the dosage. In the rat experiment, either Po or Ip administration 34 mg /kg can produce a significant diuretic effect, the effect intensity is not as strong as aminophylline, but its toxicity is only 1/4 of aminophylline, so its treatment index is relatively high. ④.The analgesic action: grayanotoxin has a certain analgesia effect, minimal analgesic index is 8.60. Besides, grayanotoxin has weak cytotoxic activity, ED50 is 60 ug/ml, bigger toxicity in the body. ⑤.Central inhibition effects: Eugenic acid has sedative and local anesthetic effects, and its effects are dose-dependent. ⑥.Effects on tissue respiration: rhododendrin inhibits rat tracheal-lung tissue respiration in vitro, reducing oxygen consumption by about 26.4%, mainly acting on the enzyme system of pyridine nucleotides.

 Medicinal efficacy: The herb relieves cough and eliminating phlegm. It is indicated for acute and chronic bronchitis, cough.

 Administration of Folium rhododendri Daurici(Mǎn Shān Hónɡ): 
Reference: Administration Guide of Folium rhododendri Daurici(Mǎn Shān Hónɡ)
TCM Books: Internally:25~50 grams fresh herb,water decoction,or 6~12 grams,infused in 40% alcohol and take(CP),or fresh herbs 0.5~1 liang(about 15~30 grams),water decoction(DCTM), or 15~30 grams(fresh herb), water decoction, or infusing in wine and take(CHMM).

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