Herba Cymbopogonis(Lemongrass).

TCM Herbalism:Medicinals and Classifications. ✵The TCM herbalism is also known as pharmaceutics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or Chinese pharmaceutics, is the branch of health science dealing with the preparation, dispensing, and proper utilization of Chinese herbs. It is majorly composed of Introduction of Chinese Medicinals, Classification of Chinese Herbs, Formulas, and Patent medicines.

Classifications of Herbs:Antiasthmatics Herbs.

 TCM Herbs Icon04 Introduction: Antiasthmatics: an agent or substance herbs that relieves cough and asthma(or dyspnea), usually by ventilating, clearing or moistening the lung, or directing lung Qi downward, stringing lung Qi or resolving phlegm.

Classifications of Herbs.

 TCM Herbs Icon 04 Introduction: The Antiasthmatics herbs are known including:, , , , , , .

 ✵Till the date Oct 10th,2019, there are Totally [7] kinds of common TCM herbs, [11] kinds of related plant species, are recorded in this category. These Antiasthmatics Herbs are briefly introduced separately:

Herba Cymbopogonis(Lemongrass).

 Lemongrass Brief Introduction: The Herb Herba Cymbopogonis is the dried aerial part of Cymbopogon distans(Nees) A. Camus (family Gramineae), used to relieve cough and dyspnea. The herb is commonly known as Yún Xiāng Cǎo.

 ✵The herb Herba Cymbopogonis(Lemongrass) is the dried aerial part of Cymbopogon citratus(DC.) Stapf., it is a plant of the Cymbopogon genus, the Poaceae (Gramineae or true grasses) family of the Poales order.

 Cymbopogon citratus DC.Stapf. Cymbopogon citratus(DC.) Stapf.: The Cymbopogon citratus(DC.) Stapf., is a plant of the Gramineae family and Cymbopogon genus, it is commonly known as "Lemongrass, Andropogon citratus, Guatemala lemongrass, Madagascar lemongrass, lemon grass or oil grass", or "Xiang Mao", perennial herbs. Culm thick, up to 2 meters. It has the smell of lemon. The leaves are 1 meter long and 15 mm wide, both sides are gray-white and rough. Buddha flame bracts lanceolate, narrow, 1.5~2 cm long, red or yellowish brown, 3 to 5 times longer than common stem; Inflorescences linear to oblong, evacuated, branching triply, base discontinuous, branches thin and declinate or slightly curved to arch. First branch with 5 to 7 nodes, second or third branch with 2 to 3 nodes and pure.

 Raceme twin, 1.5~2 cm long, with 4 nodes; Cob internodes 2~3 mm long, slightly pubescent, but not shaded by spikelets, sessile spikelets are amphiculate, unawned, sharp. The apex of the first glume is provided with 2 micro teeth, the ridge is provided with a narrow wing, and the back is slightly concave and depressed in the lower part. No veins between ridges, the apex of 2nd lemma shallowly lobed, with short pointed, unawned, sessile spikelets are dark purple.


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